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  1. Charleston Classic Rice Bead Necklace
  2. Camilla Rice Bead Pearl Necklace
  3. Azure Starfish & Pearl Shell Necklace
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  4. Paloma Emerald Pendant Necklace
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  5. Emilia Dainty Paperclip Chain Necklace
  6. Alani Cowrie Seashell Choker Necklace
  7. Annabelle Shell with Pearl Necklace
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  8. Emeline Rice Bead with Pearl Necklace
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  9. Isla Seashell Choker Necklace
  10. Sally Seashell Rope Chain Necklace
  11. Anela Shell Pendant Necklace
  12. Elara Pearl Necklace
  13. 11:11 Angel Numbers Necklace
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  14. Affirmation Pendant Necklace
  15. Fabiana Twisted Herringbone Necklace
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  16. Monstera Gold Leaf Necklace
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  17. Isadora Evil Eye Pendant Necklace
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  18. Jolene Baroque Pearl Necklace
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  19. Heidi Choker Necklace
  20. Gabriela Pearl Bubble Necklace
  21. The Pickleball Club Necklace
  22. Emery Rice Bead Cowboy Boot Necklace
  23. Perle Cowgirl Boot Paperclip Charm Necklace
  24. Marin Cowgirl Boot Curb Chain Necklace