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Salty Señorita

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  1. Emery Rice Bead Cowboy Boot Necklace
  2. Sienna Cowgirl Boot Diamond Cut Necklace
  3. Gabriela Pearl Bubble Necklace
  4. Marla Pearl Cowgirl Boot Charm Earrings
  5. Coralie Scallop Shell Ring
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  6. Perle Cowgirl Boot Paperclip Charm Necklace
  7. Naraya Cowgirl Boot Charm Keeper Necklace
  8. Marin Cowgirl Boot Curb Chain Necklace
  9. Penelope Pearl Zircon Ring
  10. Emilia Dainty Paperclip Chain Necklace
  11. Lenor Diamond Cut Lip Chain Necklace
  12. Camelia Pearl Shell Flower Earrings
  13. Luciana Starfish Ring