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  1. Sally Seashell Rope Chain Necklace
  2. Delphine Shell Stud Earrings
  3. Camilla Rice Bead Pearl Necklace
  4. Camelia Pearl Shell Flower Earrings
  5. Alani Cowrie Seashell Choker Necklace
  6. Alani Cowrie Shell Bracelet
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  7. Seanna Cowrie Shell Ring
  8. Alani Cowrie Shell & Pearl Earrings
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  9. Penelope Pearl Zircon Cuff Bracelet
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  10. Penelope Pearl Zircon Ring
  11. Luciana Starfish Ring
  12. Azure Double Starfish Earrings
  13. Seanna Textured Shell Stud Earrings
  14. Kanye Croissant Gold Ring
  15. Coralynn Coral and Pearl Earrings
  16. Maris Pearl Stud Earrings
  17. Waverly Jellyfish Earrings
  18. Kealani Triple Wave Cuff
  19. Mira Round Textured Pearl Stud Earrings
  20. Narissa Hammered Chunky Oval Earrings
  21. Coralie Scallop Shell Ring
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  22. Azure Starfish & Pearl Shell Necklace
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  23. Kai Fish Ring